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About Us

It seems someone is always celebrating something. Thereís always a party
or event to attend + since my mum brought me up right, I never go anywhere

As a graphic designer Iíve always enjoyed making my own gift tags for my
packages. One holiday season as I was wrapping up another wine bottle as a gift,
it hit me, I use a lot of ribbon + paper. There had to be a simpler, more environmentally
responsible approach to all this gift giving. So I sat down at my computer and came
up with a simple wine tag that would slip right over the bottleís neck. In fact, this tag
would work on just about any bottle.

I used these wine tags on all my bottle gifts. The response I received from my hosts
and from other party goers was so positive I realized this was something other
people would use and buy. It was truly unique in the marketplace.

Ta Da ~ The birth of TAG it! Itís from you!

Everything you see here is designed + created by me. I own Taylor Made designs,
a graphic design studio which was founded in 2003. I specialize in print, identity and
web design. I have over 15 years of experience. I keep a blog where I post updates
of new designs and new projects Iím working on. I also have a line of handmade
books and silkscreen ribbon that you can learn all about.

I am a mum to William + Davis, a wife to Neal + a treat giver to my lab Montana.

Feel free to drop me a line! Iíd love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting!

Kristen Taylor Yarranton