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FAQs {frequently asked questions}

1. How safe and secure is my information when placing an order?
Your financial information is the most important aspect of the selling process
to us. Thatís why we use PayPal as our merchant partner. PayPal is designed
from the ground up to be one of the safest ways to send money online.

2. What about Privacy?
We respect your concerns about privacy and security and want your shopping
experience to be enjoyable. We will never sell, rent or share your personal
information with any third parties. Ever. {itís really that simple!}

3. What is your Return Policy?
We want you to be completely delighted with the items you purchase from us!
If your order is not to your expectations, please contact us so we can address the problem.
We will refund your money (sorry, not the shipping costs) or weíll offer you an exchange.
Retailers/Buyers agrees to inspect the merchandise at the time of delivery to determine
whether it is indeed what was ordered and is delivered in good condition, without damage.
The Buyer is required to document any non-conformance in the products delivered and
any shipping damage on the bill of lading, which will arrive with the delivery. The Seller
shall have a reasonable time to replace damaged or missing goods.

4. How much does Shipping cost? How quickly will my order ship?
+ Shipping is calculated during check out.
+ The rates are calculated based on the combined weight of the products + a small fee
   for the actual packaging.
+ We try to place all orders within 1-2 business days.
+ We ship using USPS First Class and International First Class mail.
+ Most international orders take 7Ė10 days to arrive in the destination country, and may
   then take a few additional days to be delivered to your home or business. {continue}